Craps is an exciting game to play. It is a speciality game which is played using dice and a special playing table. In this article, we will explain free craps and the gameplay of the game. Visit online-casino-ca for the best craps casinos.

Free Craps History

The history of craps can be traced back to Rome. It was believed to be invented by Roman soldiers as a way to catch fun. The game was brought to Europe in the 12th Century, and it is now featured by many casinos today.

Understanding Craps Gameplay

The entire gameplay of craps is based on the throw of a dice. At the beginning of the game after placing your bet, the shooter (which is the player) will throw a come-out. The value of the come-out roll will determine how the game will proceed.

The Outcome of Come-out Roll

If the come-out roll is 7 or 12, what it means is that you have won the game. However, if it is 12, 2 or 3, then it means you have lost the game. Every other value aside from the ones stated earlier becomes a point number.

Craps Point Number

If you roll a point number, you will be given a chance to throw the dice until you either throw a seven (seven-out) or you throw the same point number. If you seven-out, then it means you have lost the game round, and a new round begins.

If you are able to throw the point number again, however, you will receive even-money which means that you are not going to lose in the game. You can decide to either collect the money or use it to play the next game round.

Play Free Craps

Online casinos often feature their games in free mode. You can play free craps online so as to get familiar with how the game is being played as well as the rules that apply. You can also test the features of the game for free.

Use Free Craps for Strategies

As a pro player, you can use free craps to create different kinds of strategies and test them to see if they work. With a good game strategy, you will have an increased winning chance when you start playing real-money craps at an online casino.

How to Play for Free

To play for free, you don't need anything special. There is no need for you to start filling registration forms at online casinos or downloading any kind of app on your device. Simply access the lobby of a casino offering the free game and start playing for free.

Winning Real Money in Craps

You should have it at the back of your mind that you do not have the opportunity to win any real money in free craps. The only way you can win real money is to bet money in the game or use bonuses to play.

Choosing Good Craps Casino

If you are thinking about playing real-money craps, then you need to choose a good craps casino. Make sure that whichever casino you choose to play the game is licensed and trusted in the gaming community. You can read reviews about the casino before choosing it.

Mobile Experience Playing Craps Online

Since almost every player has a mobile device, you need to ensure that you check if the online casino you want to join to play craps offer games on mobile. Some top casinos have a downloadable mobile app that can be used to access games.

Summary and Final Verdict

This article has explained craps gameplay and how to get started playing it for free. Don't forget that free craps can help your practise the game and test new strategies that can turn out to boost your winning chances. Why not play craps for free today!